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  • Welcome to Unclutter Your Universe

    I’m Jenni, an Auckland clutter & organising expert who is passionate about helping women like you, to remove the energy zapping clutter from their universe.


    I understand that inviting someone into your universe to you help you remove the clutter might fill you with dread and fear.


    You can be rest assured that I would never judge your situation or force you to get rid of something that you didn’t feel comfortable in doing so.


    I use my vast experience & knowledge to gently guide you through the emotional process of removing the clutter from your universe.


    Together we have some fun removing the clutter and while doing so we get to the heart of how you got there.


  • Wardrobe

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  • Picture yourself being able to get dressed in a jiffy, in clothes that fill you with confidence.

  • Workspace

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  • Imagine having a workspace that inspires creativity, fosters a positive state of mind & increases productivity.

  • Home

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  • Is your home a nurturing sanctuary where you can take refuge from the world & recharge your batteries?

  • Head Space

  • Do you dream of a simplified life that ensures there are slow times to rest and recharge, without feeling as though you’ve let everything go?

  • Blog

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