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Welcome to Unclutter Your Universe, a positive place to connect, share and uncover what makes us sparkle.

Way back since I can remember, I’ve been a lover of clothing & homewares and discovered that using my flare for organising brings a sense of calm to my world.

Sadly, in 2015 I had more downs than ups and quite frankly it was just not one of my better years. I was struck down by a chronic foot condition and also needed to have major abdominal surgery. When 2016 rolled around physically I was in much better shape, the surgery had gone well and the chronic foot condition was now into a manageable stage. However, emotionally I had taken a beating and knew that I would need to dig deep, make some big changes in my world to ensure that 2016 would be a better year.

As much as I loved my social work career and got a great buzz from working with people to make their lives happier. I knew that the environment that I was often working in was not a healthy one and it was time to make some changes. Not sure of which direction I really wanted to head, I decided to peel back the layers of my world, unclutter the stuff that was not making me happy to uncover what made me sparkle.

On this journey, I uncovered that clothing, homewares and a flare for organisation were really my thing. Combing these with my love of helping people, Unclutter Your Universe would be my next adventure.

October 2016 Unclutter Your Universe was born, my own little piece of the blogging universe. Where I can share my journey to unclutter the baggage from my universe, finding the sparkle and living an imperfect life that I love.

I would love to have you come join me at Unclutter Your Universe. On Instagram and Facebook I post my everyday style outfits, and the weekly newsletter has a roundup of the week, blog posts & other news. If you have any questions about Unclutter Your Universe that you would like answered please feel free to contact me on [email protected]


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