About Me

Hi, I’m Jenni, a lifestyle coach who is passionate about helping women rediscover what makes them sparkle.


Like you, I’ve been that woman who charges from one thing to the next, juggling lots of roles and making sure that everyone else is ok. I know what it’s like to be trapped in the day to day grind of life, spending your days feeling uninspired by what’s around you.


I thrived on working with women. Being part of their lives and empowering them to make life-changing decisions was a huge privilege. Sadly, the environment in which I did this work was not a healthy one. Walking away from the work that I loved and had spent four years at University training for, was a tough decision to make. But in the end, I knew that I had to put my own wellbeing first.


Coaching myself back to healthy wellbeing was a tough gig. It was hard to face up to the fact that my head and home were filled with clutter that was zapping my energy. I discovered that when you don’t know what makes you sparkle, you continually fill the void with stuff you don’t need or want. I’m on a mission to share what I’ve learned and empower women to unclutter their universe and rediscover what makes them sparkle.


I’d love to help you remove the energy zapping clutter from your universe. Together we can peel back the layers and rediscover what makes you sparkle.

Jenni XXX




“I really appreciated the time and you are a wonderful person to de clutter with.” – Debbie Airey