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Welcome to Unclutter Your Universe, I’m Jenni an Auckland clutter & organising expert who is passionate about helping women to remove their energy zapping clutter & rediscover what makes them sparkle.

As a Social Worker, I loved working alongside women and was privileged to be part of their lives when they were making life changing decisions. Sadly, the environment where I did this work was not a particularly healthy one. Throw into the mix, running a home with an anxious early teen in residence, the stress of an ongoing horrendous family court battle and perfectionist tendencies.  It’s not surprising that before long I was diagnosed with burnout. Deciding to leave behind the work that I loved was tough, but deep down I knew it was the only way I could get myself well again.

Our home, the place where I was surrounded by my most treasured possessions became my calm and nurturing sanctuary to recover from burnout. It was the one place where I could truly be myself, take refuge from the outside world and recharge my batteries.

Initially, being at home and able to spend my days in lounge wear was great. It meant that I didn’t have to use the limited capacity of my foggy head to decide what to wear. But like so many good things the benefits of not having to think about what I wore came to an end and eventually making no effort with what I wore became a mood dampener, that reduced my confidence. Having already experienced the positive effect that being in a home surrounded by my treasures, had on my wellbeing. I decided to do the same with my wardrobe and remove everything that didn’t make me feel great. In doing so, I discovered that only wearing what I felt great in, was the easiest way to boost my confidence.

To give myself the best chance of not ending up in this place again, I made drastic changes to the way I lived my life. I became more comfortable in saying no to things that didn’t make me sparkle and accepted that busyness was not the best marker to measure my success, importance or fulfilment. I’ve learnt to simplify everyday life to reduce stress and ensure that there are slow times to rest & recharge.

I’m now on a mission to share what I’ve learned and empower women to remove the energy zapping clutter from their universe to rediscover their sparkle.

I’d love to help you remove your  energy zapping clutter. You can find out more about what I can do for you here.

Jenni XXX

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