About Me

Hi I’m Jenni,

Welcome to Unclutter Your Universe, a positive space, to peel back the layers and rediscover what makes us sparkle.

Way back since I can remember, I’ve been a lover of clothing & homewares and discovered that using my flare for organising brings a sense of calm to my world.

In my previous life as a social worker, I got a real buzz from supporting people to peel back the layers and acknowledge the good, bad and the ugly that had been part of their universe. I was privileged to be in a position, where I had the opportunity to help people, navigate their way through the process of making some very tough decisions. These decisions were often life-changing and led them down a very different path, from the one they had previously travelled.

Sadly, I knew deep down that as much as loved what I did. Working in such an emotionally charged environment with such extreme highs and lows and juggling a very heavy caseload, with much of it critical, was not good for my mental health. Eventually, I had to walk away, recharge the batteries and find some new avenues to explore.

On this journey, I discovered the wonderful world of blogging and decided to create my own special place in the blogosphere. A year on, I’ve uncovered my long buried love of clothing and homewares, fully understanding the benefits of a nurturing nest and an uncluttered life. There is an acceptance that being organised is who I am and need never again be ashamed of it. In fact, it is something to be proud of and a skill that is often in demand.

Combining all of that, with my love of supporting people to uncover what makes them sparkle is the next road that I’m headed down.


Jenni XXX