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IT’S A WRAP 2017

This is the last blog article for 2017. So, I’d like to start by saying a huge thank you to the Unclutter Your Universe community. It’s a real privilege and a pleasure to have you come join me on my little plot on the blogosphere. I’ve enjoyed getting to know […] Read More

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A year ago, this week my website was born and the first article posted. Some of you may remember that it was originally called Unclutter My World. Which was changed to Unclutter Your Universe in June of this year when I decided to expand and include a lifestyle mentoring/coaching business, […] Read More

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Yahoo it’s my birthday celebration week, so I’ve decided to hold off presenting the next instalment of the Home series.  To have a bit of a chat about my very special day which is the 19th July and the significance of this day to me. Growing up, someone’s birthday was […] Read More

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I’m in the scary process of getting ready to launch my Uncluttering mentor/coaching service and felt that the branding needed to be changed to Unclutter Your World. Unfortunately, along the way we hit a snag with Facebook that there was no support to resolve. So, this weekend being a long […] Read More