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Yahoo it’s my birthday celebration week, so I’ve decided to hold off presenting the next instalment of the Home series.  To have a bit of a chat about my very special day which is the 19th July and the significance of this day to me.

Growing up, someone’s birthday was always a huge celebration, that was given more importance than Christmas or any anniversaries. There was always cake, a party, presents and lots of cards from friends and family both here and abroad. Your birthday was your special day, you chose the meals, planned a special outing or party and didn’t even have to go to school on that day. I can still remember the shock and horror from many when I announced that I was not going to start school on the date of my fifth birthday. Instead my mother and I had a special day in the city, spending my present money from abroad and enjoy a celebratory lunch in a café that I was very fond of. On that date in 1974, it sure was a special day in Auckland, because it snowed in the city centre and so rare that it has only done so four times since 1939. Yes, it was only a small dusting of flakes in the central city, but it was the first snow that I had ever seen and I was so glad that I had chosen not to attend school that day and was able to see this amazing sight. Not going to school or work has become a real thing for me since then and something that I don’t plan to change. Apart from it being my special day, there often seems to be exciting things that happen at this time of the year that I can tie into my birthday celebrations.

birthday cake
Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

At this time in 1969, the year of my birth, there was much excitement around the world about the impending moon landing of Apollo 11 and walk by the astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong. As my arrival was now overdue it was decided by the obstetrician’s that there needed to be a scheduled inducement to ensure that I did not arrive on the dates that had been set down for the moon walk. So bright and early on Friday 18th July the process to force me into the world began. Eventually at 5.30pm on Saturday 19th July in Canberra Australia, I arrived safe and well. In plenty of time before the first ever moon walk that took place on 20 July 1969.

Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

My connection to the moon is more than a link to the events around the time of my birth. The astrological charts of my star sign Cancer are strongly connected to the moon and water which are the planetary and element rulers of this sign. Some of you might think that mentioning a connection to the astrological charts is a bit whoo whoo and not something you would entertain, especially after reading some of the horoscopes that are published in the daily newspapers and weekly magazines. I do not live my life by reputable horoscopes, however I have noticed that there are many of the characteristics and traits of the astrological charts of Cancer that match my personality to a tee. Since birth I’ve had a strong attraction to water and have been told that my sleep patterns and emotional state were even back then impacted by the fazes of the moon. When I need to clear the head, and recharge the batteries I always head to the sea and have come to accept that I cannot live to far from it.

cancer sign

More recently the 19th of July has become a day of another significance in my universe. On that day in 2006, the Teen Techie and I relocated to Auckland from the Bay of Islands where I had been staying since the separation from my then Husband in early 2000. Even though I grew up in Auckland, I had not lived there since the early 1990’s. Sadly the decision to build a new life for the Teen Techie and I in the city was not met with much support from my immediate family, who chose to make this move for us as hard as possible. In the end for our own health and wellbeing, I was forced to end this family relationship and start all over again to build our new life in the city. Since that day almost eleven years ago, there has been some sad challenging times, but also many amazing happy ones that constantly remind me why I made the hardest decision that I’ve ever made without any regrets.

I’m never one to moan about getting a year older, are you? I believe that every year that I’m alive and well is one that will be welcomed with much celebration. It’s all about the effort that is put into making my day special, rather than how much is spent. I have a box full of amazing cards made by the Teen Techie over the years, that are treasured along with the handmade or paid for from his own funds. The partner has arranged a day off work and the Teen Techie is still on school holidays, so they have planned a wonderful day of celebrations to commemorate all that this day means to me. I will share pics and details of the day in this week’s newsletter, which if you have not already subscribed to can be done here.

Next week it will be time for my mid season wardrobe unclutter, so I thought I would chat about that and return to the Home series the week after.

Jenni XXX