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A year ago, this week my website was born and the first article posted. Some of you may remember that it was originally called Unclutter My World. Which was changed to Unclutter Your Universe in June of this year when I decided to expand and include a lifestyle mentoring/coaching business, to compliment the blog. Those of you who are long time members of the #everydaystyle community on Instagram. May remember my first outfit pic that was posted in February 2016, from my personal account. Back then I was on a mission to build my self confidence and rediscover my own style. I had been watching from the side lines for a while, before taking the plunge and posting my first pics to the page. The support from this amazing network of women changed my life for ever. I now have the confidence to be my own stylist and choose clothing that makes me sparkle every day. This wonderful community is a mixture of bloggers, social media pro’s and everyday women who love clothes and that come together and inspire each other to make the effort to get dressed in something they love every single day. The more I engaged with the blogging community, the more I wanted to be part of it and have my own address in the blogosphere. Which eventually did happen and my first blog post was published on 9 October 2016.

First Instagram Post


This first year has been a very steep learning curve for me as I struggled to come to grips with the world of social media and get my head around the technology that drives it. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would have mastered the things that I have and be able complete technical tasks without relying on the step by step instruction book with diagrams, written by the Teen Techie. Yes, there is still so much that I need to master to be able to publish the blog and newsletter by myself. But for a 48yr old who grew up in an era where computers were not part of your everyday learning at school, I think I’ve done amazingly well and am super proud of myself for getting this far.


On the website “Why I post to Instagram” & “Mid season wardrobe unclutter” were the first year’s articles that received the most views. “Is your SS17 Read for Action” & “Is your Master Bedroom a Luxurious Retreat?” were the first year’s articles with the most comments.


Out of all the pics that I’ve posted to Instagram since October 2016 this one has had the most post likes and “It’s My Birthday” was the pic with the most comments.

Highest Instagram likes and comments


Deciding to launch the mentor/coaching business has meant that I needed to return to the classroom to gain the necessary small business management skills which partnered with my social work qualifications would give me the confidence and know how to get this next venture off the ground. The business side of things is something that is very foreign to me and is really challenging a different side of my brain that is now having to work overtime to master and retain this new knowledge. The legislation that relates to taxation and government levies is very complex, and one that I would rather not have to become involved in. But as any small business owner knows, this is something that cannot be ignored and needs to be incorporated into daily business activities. It’s a box that needs to be ticked, so that I can get out and start working with clients. If you’ve ever engaged the services of a mentor/coach, I ‘d love to know your thoughts on the process?


To enable me to keep providing a space and content that you love and want to connect with, I’ve compiled a quick survey that I hope you will complete. This is a confidential survey that is completed on an independent platform, that enables you to provide answers without me knowing who has said what, while still allowing me to get to know you that much better.

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Thank you so much for being part of the Unclutter Your Universe community.

Jenni XXX