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I’m in the scary process of getting ready to launch my Uncluttering mentor/coaching service and felt that the branding needed to be changed to Unclutter Your World. Unfortunately, along the way we hit a snag with Facebook that there was no support to resolve. So, this weekend being a long one in New Zealand. The Teen Techie and I decided that we weren’t going to be left hanging by Facebook any longer and need to get things moving. This meant walking away from the Unclutter My/Your World name and rebranding as Unclutter Your Universe. This meant securing a new domain name and email addresses, rebranding the social media accounts, setting up the new website and moving the old content and visitor comments to the new platform. Thankfully everything so far has gone without a hitch, and we’ve even managed to move my personal Pinterest account into the Unclutter Your Universe brand. Currently, there are only a handful of outfit inspiration pics saved. The plan is to extend this to include a vast gallery of things in various categories that make me sparkle. While I’m on a role, I’ve decided to have my own Instagram hashtag #Unclutteryouruniverse. Where, I would love to have you come join me. Posting your pics of the things in your universe, that make you sparkle.

Jenni XXX