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Way back in May, when the weather had turned towards winter and we were retreating indoors. I decided, it was the perfect time to launch the home series. I don’t know about you, but I find that the change of season is the perfect time to evaluate and set goals for the while ahead. Being a bit of a home body, I’m happy to hibernate inside and while away the winter months, giving me and the inside spaces some rejuvenation. Are you a bit of a home body and like to hibernate over the winter months?

As Spring has now sprung, I thought it was the ideal time to wrap up the home series, but before doing so I wanted to check in and see how far you have progressed with your remove/ replace lists that completed earlier in the series and your wish lists that were compiled as you completed your room by room unclutter. How many of the items have you managed to address or complete from your lists?

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Whether you are a home body like me or not, your home is the place where you can truly be yourself and is the sanctuary that nourishes our sole and provides our refuge from the rest of the world. I hope that after reading the articles and completing the exercises in this series, you’ve experienced the positive impact that living in a home that you love has on your day to day existence?

I know that dressing your home can be a very expensive exercise, and that is why I’m always harping on about thinking outside the square to see how you can re-purpose items you already own or source things at little or no cost. Last week, I decided the lighting situation in the master bedroom needed to be addressed. The bedside light that was on my side of the bed was very bright and just perfect for me, who liked to read before dropping off to sleep. But, was not ideal for the partner who wanted to drop off to sleep straight away and was always complaining that the light was to bright and prevented him from dropping off to sleep. So, last Friday while doing my weekly clean, I moved the partner’s light, (which was not as bright as the one I had been using) over to my side of the bed, to see if it would be ok for me. Then I started to think about where the lamp that had originally been on my side of the bed could go. The standard lamp which had been positioned behind our bedroom chair, was looking a little past it’s best. After faffing about for a while with some different furniture layouts. I discovered that the lamp which had previously been on my bedside table would be perfect for the spot behind the chair, if I found the right thing for it to sit on. We had nothing suitable at home, so after taking note of the measurements and collecting the measuring tape, it was time to go shopping. After searching around for a bit, I located the perfect stand and top. The stand was a wire upturned plant pot holder and the top was a large marble coaster. Being prepared to think outside the square had paid off and I had now sorted two of the things that needed to be addressed in our bedroom.

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The old lamp from behind the chair was advertised on Neighbourly, which is a community website and within a few hours the lamp had found a new home. In the past I have gifted and gained many items from this website and another one called Free stuff, which is a nationwide website where people can advertise items that they are giving away or require. The inorganic collections, that are arranged each year by our council are another source of free items. These collections provide an opportunity for residents to dispose of stuff that is not suitable for the regular rubbish collection. These collections usually happen once a year and it’s amazing to see what was one neighbours trash, becomes another neighbours treasure. Second hand charity stores and buy and sell websites are a wonderful place to fossick through to see what is available and could be of use to you. I’m very much in support of recycling and think that this also provides an opportunity to become creative and produce something unique for your home. This is not to say that I don’t shop from regular stores, because I do that too and love the mix of new and recycled items in a home, and think that it is a wonderful way to let your personality shine through when dressing your home. Do you enjoy getting creative when sourcing décor for your home?

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