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Several weeks ago, at the beginning of the Home series. I mentioned that I was going to take you on journey, to turn the place where you live into a home that you love. If you have been following along since the beginning? You’ll now be clearer about your design style and why taking the time to unclutter your home is a good thing. Now it’s time to put the knowledge you have uncovered into practice and start to turn your residence into a home. Putting some thought and effort into where you reside, provides that sense of belonging that helps transform your house into the home you love. Are you up for the challenge?

This week it’s all about your homes entrance way. Which is the area right outside your front door and the space directly behind your front door. The entrance way to your home provides visitors with their first impressions of those that reside there. It is also the welcoming home mat for those that live there. It is the hardest working area of your home. But the most forgotten space, that often receives very little or no care and attention. Does your entrance way welcome you home and provide a great first impression to those that visit your home?

entrance hedging

It’s time to cast a critical eye over this area of your home and take a photograph of this space. So that you see this space as it really is. Then, ask yourself the following questions to give you a starting point for reinventing your entrance way.

  1. What does this area say about you?
  2. Does this area fit with your newly developed design style?
  3. Does this space meet the requirements you expect of it?
  4. If you have your own street frontage, is there an obvious and direct access way to your front door?
  5. Is the entrance way in front of your door defined?
  6. When you open your front door, is this defined by a hallway or does it enter straight into a room?
  7. Is the space directly in front of your door protected by the weather?
  8. Is your front door weather tight?
  9. Does your front door have adequate security measures?



Loaded up with all this information it’s now time to get stuck in and give this space some tender loving care. So that it makes you sparkle, each time you depart from or arrive at your home.

  • Remove everything from the space that you can, and give the area a good clean.
  • Sort through all items that are currently in this space, removing any clutter along the way.
  • If you don’t have a clear picture in your mind of how you would like this space to look. Spend some time in your favourite interiors stores, in magazines or on Pinterest getting some inspiration.
  • Now it’s time to address any alarm bells that were set off, when answering the questions above. When doing this remember that it’s not about just throwing money at the project. It’s about thinking outside the square. Seeing what can be re-purposed from the things that was already there, or from somewhere else in your home?
  • Once you have done all you can with what you have already have, it’s time to compile a wish list of things you would love to acquire when the time and budget allows.
  • Take a photo of your newly transformed entrance way and compare it to what was there previously.
  • Celebrate your achievements.
  • Share the before and after photos on the Unclutter Your Universe Facebook and Instagram pages or add your comments in the section below.


Next week it’s all about the dining room. If there is anything you would like me to discuss, drop me a line at [email protected]

Jenni XXX

  • Kathy Marris

    Our front door is our back door, because we have a swimming pool in our front yard. So it’s a little difficult to make it welcoming because it opens out onto our driveway. I do like the idea of making your front door inviting however. #TeamLovinLife

    • sydneyshopgirl

      Our main entrance is out the back too. I have so much to do to make in inviting… Thanks for all the pointers in today’s post though, Jenni!

      SSG xxx

      • I would suggest, making the pathway to your door the first priority, so that visitors can easily get to your front door. Then bit by bit make the area outside your front door welcoming, before starting on the inside area. When you’ve got a lot to do, it’s important to celebrate your progress along the way, and take some pics to keep you inspired.

    • Kathy, In these situations it is really important to ensure that there is a clear pathway to your front door that visitors can follow. With a bit of imagination and elbow grease I’m sure you can make this area inviting.

  • Jo Tracey

    This is the first house where we have an entrance like a proper entrance rather than just a front door…and boy, am I proud of it! #TeamLovinLife

    • Oh you are so lucky Jo, It’s ages since I’ve lived in a home that has a separate entrance and really miss it. We’ve sectioned off the area to try and screen off the doorway from the lounge, to try and create the same effect. It’s a must in the next place.

  • Our front entry is quite narrow and leads straight into a long hallway, as our living areas are all at the back of the house. So our challenge is to make it feel like an “entry” and not just a “door”!

    • I’m sure you are up for the challenge Janet? Having a long hallway rather than straight into your living spaces will give you a lot’s of options to work with.

  • How pretty is the entrance of that white house! Gorgeous

  • I learned a lot about street appeal and front entrance when we sold our Sydney house. It went for a great price on the first open! That was a great relief in November 2014. Thanks for linking up today for #lifethisweek 25/52. Next Week: Halfway Review 2017.

    • I’ve seen people walk away from an open home without even going inside if the front entrance is not inviting. Thanks for providing the link up opportunity for the bloggers to share their craft. Can I ask, why you have started to post your link up within the Mummy Monday’s one instead of continuing to post your own?

      • Hi. I link up my posts to others who have link ups to share and be part of their community too. One main reason I blog is to connect with others and why I love a comment from each person who adds their blog post to my link up. I have been blogging as part of the Australian blogging community since 2010 and know the best way to see more people and to join in is to share. Thanks for the question. Denyse

  • Such great advice. My front door needs fixing at the moment, and the footpath and approach need a bit of TLC too. I’ve been hanging out to get to it…. but I always seem to run out of time. However, I do truly believe the entrance to your home (especially if it’s the one you use yourself all the time) is so important as it’s the transition from the outside world to your sanctuary.

    • Breaking the jobs down into small easy to manage tasks is the best way to proceed when you have a lot that needs done. Once you see the transformation taking place it will spur you on to complete the work.

  • I learnt a lot about how your home is displayed over the years of buying and selling property. Makes a huge difference.

    Thanks for linking up to #MummyMondays at

    • preparing your home for sale, is the only time I would suggest you style it for others, rather than yourself.

  • I have some junk right outside my front door that needs to GO! I just need to get around to making it gone 🙂 We had an outdoor chair there but it grew mould, which is both gross and weird, because it’s an outdoor chair.

    • It’s almost the weekend, make the most of some time off and get the junk gone. You will feel so much better once it’s done. My outdoor furniture always seems to grow mould over the cooler and damper months, so now store it away at the end of the summer.