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Unclutter Your Universe
August 16th 2017 |

Unless you live in an apartment, it’s likely that you will have at least two storage cupboards, in the hallway or tucked under the stairs. These cuboards are great for storing linen and other items, but can easily become the haven for items that have been long forgotten and no longer needed.


Linen cupboard

If your wardrobe is jam packed full of items that you can’t bear to part with. It is likely that your linen cupboard is the same, and packed to the brim with items that are no longer used. We only need two complete sets of sheets and duvet covers per bed which are rotated from being on the bed or laundered and ready for use. To cater for seasonal changes, it is only necessary to keep one electric blanket, winter weight blanket or duvet inner and a light weight throw for each bed. Depending on how often you like to change up the accessories in the room, will dictate how many display pillow cases you need. I suggest that the bed linen for the guest bedroom is stored on the top shelf of the wardrobe in that room. This allows you to free up space in your linen cupboard and stops that linen being mixed up with the other bedrooms linen. There is no need to keep an endless supply of beach towels. I suggest you only keep one for each family member and a few spares for guests. The size of your bathroom linen collection, will depend on the number of bathrooms you have and how often you change your towels.


linen shelf


 Storage cupboard

If you are lucky enough to have an extra storage cupboard in your home. Treasure this space and don’t overload it with unnecessary stuff, that is jammed in and will never see the light of day again. What you store in this space will depend, greatly on the amount of storage you have elsewhere in your home and the amount of stuff that you have. If you don’t have a home office, this is an ideal place to keep a concertina file box of important documents. Such as insurance policies, birth certificates and passports, that can be accessed quickly when needed. With the invention of online access to our bank and utilities accounts there is no need to keep personal and household monthly invoices and statements. It is far easier to have accounts delivered via the internet and stored, until payment is made and then deleted. It’s also the perfect place to keep those bits and bobs that you use regularly, but don’t belong in another area of your home.

cleaning cupboard


Question time:

It’s time to cast a critical eye over your storage cupboards and take a photograph of these space. This will help you see the space as it really is and not what you think it looks like. Then, take some time to ask yourself the following questions, which hopefully will give you a great starting point to work from.

linen cupboard


Time for action:

Now, it’s time to get stuck in and give these spaces some tender loving care, turning them into well organised spaces that provide easy access to your possessions.

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