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WHAT’S YOUR DESIGN STYLE? bed in front of window
May 17th 2017 |

Regardless of your current living situation, I think we can all create a place that we will love to call home. I think the key is knowing your own personal design style, and incorporating as many of these elements into your living spaces as you can.

By deciding to define your interior design style. I don’t mean taking a quiz on one of the many interior design websites that will pigeon hole you into one prescribed look, with a fancy name. Or, picking up the latest design magazine and choosing the first design look that has some elements that you like, and think you must adhere to all those design elements.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with design websites or magazines, to provide a platform for you to discover your own design style.  When doing so. Please be aware that it’s so easy to get swept up in the perfection of these staged homes. Then, get disheartened when you cannot create the exact same look in your place.

I think the best place to start your journey is where you live. Taking the time to have a closer look at the things you live amongst. Will help you define your design style.

  1. Grab a pen and paper, and draw up two columns with “I love it” and “wish I could replace it”. Then room by room note down each item of furniture into either column, depending on how that item makes you feel. This decision needs to be purely an emotional one and not driven by any other factors.
    love hate list
  2. Then, gather together all the art works, mementos and ornament’s that are currently in your home that make you sparkle each time you touch or see them.
  3. Take some time to think about the items of furniture and those special items that make you sparkle and identify the links and similarities in these items.

    Now, it’s time to switch off from the here and now for a bit and allow your mind to travel to those places that you love & ask yourself why you love them?

    The next stop on your dream liner is to your dream home in it’s perfect location. What is it that makes them so perfect?

    For those of you that think this process is a bit woo woo and far removed from the harsh reality of your abode. Well, that is exactly the whole point of this exercise. Allowing yourself to dream without limitations, provides the space for you to go beyond your current lifestyle and budget and discover what makes you sparkle.
    dream liner

  4. Now it’s time to bring it all together, identify what are the common threads between the items in your dream home and location and the items you currently have that make you sparkle?
    pen and paper
  5. It is the weaving of these threads together that will create your own design style.

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Jenni XXX

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