Before I launch head first into the room by room section of the home series. I thought it was best to broach the topic of uncluttering. Now, before you all freak out at the mention of uncluttering. I’m not suggesting you strip your homes of special treasures, and live a stark existence (unless that truly is your thing). I’m one that loves to be surrounded by stuff at home and think that this is what really makes where I live, feel like home. But, when I say stuff I don’t just mean any old stuff. So often, we fill our homes with things because someone has said that would look good in you place. Or, the marketing tells you that’s “on trend” so you purchase it without thought. If your home is over flowing with lots of ‘just stuff’, the treasures you do have won’t sparkle. When you are continually surrounded by all this ‘just stuff’. You’ll feel swamped and taken over by the contents of your home.

kitchen utensils

It is the getting rid of this ‘just stuff’ that I’m referring to when I say “unclutter”. I’m sure that straight off the top of your head you could rattle off a list of this ‘just stuff’ that you would never miss if removed. Those of you who read the previous blog post and came up with your own remove/ replace list of furniture, have already started the journey to unclutter your homes. I’m sure there are many of you that are saying to yourselves right now. “l already spend heaps of time each day uncluttering”. This thankless task of picking up stuff and putting it away, is in fact tidying. The need for continual tidying can be drastically reduced by investing the time to unclutter your home and find places for the things you want to keep.

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I know that at the first mention of storage, there will be some of you who will get excited and want to rush off and purchase fancy storage gadgets before uncluttering. I can tell you now, before you even leave the house. That you will be wasting your time and hard-earned money, on more stuff that you won’t use and will be added to the pile of ‘just stuff’ you already own. If you don’t unclutter before sorting storage, how do you know that you need new storage items? The time to start thinking about storage, is when you have sorted through your stuff and are ready to find homes for the things that are important to you. The treasures and memento’s that you want to have on display, are best in places where they are easily seen and enjoyed without being in the way of everyday living. When thinking about homes for the things we use all the time. Focus on reducing the effort needed to put those things away, rather than the effort needed to get them out. Thus, reducing the likely hood of things not being put away, when they are finished with. The perfect home for your belongings does not need to have been designed specifically for the purpose you have chosen to use it for. Often, many of the things that are already in our homes that can become the perfect storage solution, by getting creative and thinking outside the square. I’m sure you will be able to come up with some unique ways to store your belongings, that will themselves become treasures.

Remember, when things have their own place to be, they are more likely to be put back there by the person who got them out. Now wouldn’t that be a miracle. Things, being put back where they are supposed to go, instead of being left out waiting for the tidier to come along. Imagine all that extra time you would have in your week?

Did this dispel the myths and fears that you’ve had about uncluttering?

Jenni XXX



P.S next week we start the room by room section of the home series.

  • Chris @BoomingOn

    I live in a big house, which is really lucky because I am allergic to throwing things out. More room – less clutter. Does that count?

    • Chris, Just because you have a big house does not mean that you don’t have clutter. If you are holding onto things that you don’t like or don’t have a purpose for anymore, then you have clutter.

  • We’ve downsized and had to declutter to the extent of probably half a small van full 🙂 It was painful but liberating too.

    • That’s fantastic Johanna, the trick now is to stop you getting in that situation again.

  • Kathy Marris

    Mmm I agree about storage. However I’ve found that because I have lots of big cupboards for storage I tend to toss stuff in them and forget about it. Years later when I decide to clean out these cupboards I find all sorts of treasures (or trash). #TeamLovinLife

    • I challenge you to do one big clean out of those cupboards, get rid of all the clutter. Then sort the storage for the things you really want to keep and stick to putting things away in their place when you have finished with them. If your stuff does not have a specific home in that cupboard, don’t put it in their.

  • Jo Tracey

    I’ve always been ruthless about regular decluttering. I was grateful for that when we recently moved – and downsized. I’ve hung onto some things that needed to go – only because my hubby couldn’t let go. That’s a work in progress 😉 #TeamLovinLife

    • I know all about having partners that won’t let go of stuff. We’ve had several major garage clear out’s, with lot’s more to go yet. And as the plan is to downsize into an inner city apartment next year, I know there will be many more battles about letting go to come.

  • Ah yes, I hate clutter at home, but having said that I have a couple of rooms which are horrendous. I need my living space to be clutter-free but my desk at the moment is covered in crap and my walk-in-wardrobe floor usually houses many clothes!

  • I’m a big fan of the uncluttered look – we were minimalists before it became a “thing” I love space and small touches of colour – I hate piles of stuff everywhere and mess – it does my head in!

  • sydneyshopgirl

    That last paragraph is so true. When things have their place, they will be returned there.

    SSG xxx

  • writeofthemiddle

    You are speaking my language here Jenni! I love a good declutter. Cluttered surroundings clutter my mind! We recently got new carpet laid. Now there was a fabulous opportunity to declutter. We had to move everything out of the carpeted areas – from cupboards, on bookshelves and tallboys and dressing tables etc etc. Before putting things back, I went through them and either gave away to charity or tossed what I no longer needed and cleaned the rest before putting back. It felt so good!! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  • I dream of an uncluttered life. Alas my family don’t. One day …

    • It can be a work in progress Leanne. Once you start the ball rolling, and your family see’s the benefits they will come on board little by little.

  • Good ideas here Jenni. Yes I have already started my next stage of decluttering and in fact, donated 4 baby items from our household we were keeping ‘just in case the grandkids come”. Felt good! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 24/52. Next week: First Concert.

    • Great to have another unclutterer on the team Denyse. Thanks for the opportunity to share my blog posts. Jenni xxx

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I do like your point about making it easy to put things away so you’re more inclined to put things where they belong. Great point – so simple yet so easy to overlook.

    • Yes, it sure is so easy Kirsty. Now’s the time to make it happen, are you up for the challenge?

  • Love, love, love this! I’m a ruthless declutterer, and almost a minimalist. I say almost, as I probably have too many books and love my artworks too much to be a ‘real’ one – hehe. I love the feeling of having empty space in a cupboard, room on a shelf, and being able to see everything when I open a cupboard door. I live in a 2 bedroom unit, so had to downsize when I first moved. My mantra now, is don’t declutter, de-own. The less I have, the less I need to get rid of!

    • Seem’s like you are already an uncluttering expert Linda. Being surround by the books and art works that you love is what makes your house a home and makes you sparkle.

      • I couldn’t do without them that’s for sure!! (:

  • Decluttering is so important!!! It frees your mind, for real! My view is: if you need to buy extra storage to store your stuff, you probably have too much stuff! 🙂

    • That is why it is so sad that so many people put up a wall when they hear or see the word unclutter. If you have already uncluttered and sorted your storage and it ends up over flowing with stuff. It is time to have another unclutter.