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Unclutter Your Universe

Home Unclutter

Your home is the one place where you must be able to truly be yourself. It needs to be a safe calming sanctuary full of your prized possessions that nourish your sole and continually draws you back there.


“A cluttered home = A cluttered mind”


Signs You Need Help

Your home contains items that you purchased because someone else has told you that an Item would look good in you place.

You purchase something because the marketing tells you that’s “on trend” so you purchase it without a thought.

Your home is over flowing with lots of items that you don’t have a special connection to.

Surrounding yourself with meaningless stuff, will over time swallow you up in a thick blanket energy zapping fog and that’s why you start to find any excuse not be there.


How I Can Help

 I help you identify the genuine treasures within your home that you truly love and help you to rid yourself of the unwanted clutter.

Help you to identify your own design style, because until you know what you really like and want, you will continue to bring clutter into your home.

Offer a fresh set of eyes to help you improve the layout of your space, finding the perfect places to display your treasures and house your day to day essentials. When things have their own place to be, they are more likely to be put back there by the person who got them out.


“Having a well organised office, makes my work & life much easier”

Robyn Forryan



$199.00 inc GST 3hr unclutter a space in your home service.

Price includes travel within Auckland

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