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Being breast cancer awareness month and following on from last weeks post about breast screening, I’ve decided to continue with the topic of breasts and discuss the importance of wearing the correct bra. Women’s breasts are increasing in size from generation to generation, with the average size between 14C – 12D and estimated to weigh approximately 500grms per breast. The statistics show that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, are you one of them?



The breast is a skin mass that includes the Coopers Ligaments, but no muscle tissue. Which is why it is prone to sag more than other areas of the bodies skin. The breast moves independently from the rest of the body and is only supported by skin and ligaments, which are both weak structures. This is why the breast is more prone to sag than other areas of the bodies skin.



Sports Bra

When you participate in physical exercise, your breasts move 60% more than they would with sedentary movement. Without the extra support that a sports bra offers, you are likely to incur irreversible stretching of the breast tissue which over time will cause breast pain and sagging.



Bra Band
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The bra is designed in such a way that 80% of the support provided by your bra should come from the bra band, rather than the shoulder strap. If the band, which is the piece of fabric that goes around your body is fitted correctly. You should be able to gently slide the shoulder strap to the side of your arm, without the band changing position. Wearing a loose band in the hope of disguising back fat, will encourage your breasts to sag.



The bra cup needs to be the right size and shape to fit your breast size and shape. The range of different cup styles is so vast that there will be more than one style that will be perfect for your bust. The cup should fit your bust snuggly, with no sign of sagging or overflow from the side or front.

Tight Bra
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Loose Bra
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When a bra fits correctly the underwire will sit easily against your ribs, with no discomfort. If the cup size is too small your breasts will push the underwire away from your body. Much of the research that I have found, states that busts larger than a B cup are best supported by an underwire. If the breasts are not supported correctly they place unnecessary pressure on the rib cage, which encourages quick, shallow breathing. Rather than the recommended lengthy deep breathes.

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When purchasing a new bra, ensure that the most comfortable fit is on the loosest fastening across your back. This will ensure that as your bra loosens over time with wear, you will be able to tighten the bra and extend the length of time that your bra fits you correctly.



Your breasts change shape just like the rest of your body, but getting the right bra is a bit more complicated than going up or down a size like you do with your other clothes. You need to consider the changes in band and cup size, which often don’t increase or reduce at the same time. A good bra fitter knows the store stock very well, so they will be able to recommend different bra styles and brands for you to try. Which, I can assure you saves so much time, makes the situation a lot less stressful and of course you are guaranteed to find that perfect bra.



  • When putting on an underwire bra, it is recommended that you reach around and fasten the bra from the back, once your breasts are in position. Or if fastening from the front, make sure that the bra is in its correct position and swivel the hooks to the back once fastened. Never flip your bra to the upright position once it is fastened, as this bends the underwires out of shape and increases the chance of them snapping.
Bra Wearing
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  • It’s best to hand wash your bras with gentle detergent, but if really must put them in the washing machine, ensure that they are fastened. Moulded cups should be placed one inside the other and in a lingerie washing bag and washed on a gentle cycle. This will protect the shape of your moulded cups and underwires and will prevent the hooks and latches catching on other items and tearing or stretching.


  • Never place your bras in the dryer or directly onto a heater or heated towel rail to dry, as this will damage the elastane.


When was the last time you had a bra professionally fitted, or are you one of the 80% of women wearing the wrong size bra?

Jenni XXX

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  • Meagan Kerr

    Fittings are SO important! I get a fitting every time I get a new bra, because our bodies change and so can our bra requirements

  • Oh my. Yes you have reminded me of something I probably need to do again. I have been using crop tops not bras for many years due to chafing but one day..promise..I will go get fitted for some comfy NON underwire bras. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 42/52. Next week: Meditation. Yay or Nay.

    • there is such a huge variety of wired and soft cup bra’s now Denyse, I know there will be something to suit you.

      • I have done it! Today. Fitted and bought 2 new bras. My arms and hands aren’t as easy to use putting one on after a break of years but I will persevere!

        • Fantastic Denyse, Fastening from the front and sliding around to the back might be easier to manage?

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    I haven’t been profesionally fitted in ten years! silly really considering I have BF two kids since then! naughty me. I do need new bras, especially sports bras, I will make a point of being fitted properly when I go next.

  • I haven’t been fitted for a bra in decades and must admit I know I wear ill fitting bras. I’m still in some I wore 40kg ago and very slack about buying new ones. I think part of it is a ‘I’m single and it doesn’t matter what it looks like underneath’ thing! #teamlovinlife

    • Why do you think that it doesn’t matter what your bra’s look like because you are single? You are important and having underwear which you love and fits correctly, will give you feel great each time you put them on.

      • True…. I know once in the past I bought some pretty and lacy bras and it felt like a nice treat!

  • Min Gillespie

    These are some fantastic tips Jenni, thank you! I have been properly fitted for bras ever since I started wearing them … usually at Myers. However, have lost some weight recently and need to be refitted. I’m waiting though until my weight stabilises and then will get it done. #TeamLovinLife

  • writeofthemiddle

    These are some fantastic tips Jenni, thank you! I have been properly
    fitted for bras ever since I started wearing them … usually at Myers.
    However, have lost some weight recently and need to be refitted. I’m
    waiting though until my weight stabilises and then will get it done.

    • That’s fantastic Min, wearing the right bra makes such a difference to how your clothing sits on you and also how comfortable they are.

  • It’s one thing I do properly. What I don’t do properly is look after them. Don’t say anything to anyone, but I’m at the airport waiting for my flight home from Sydney & had to put a bandaid over the wire that has popped through. Sssssh.

    • I hope that bra has now been replaced?

      • Lol, yeah it went straight in the bin when I got home. It was an old Simone Perele fave & has done good service for me 😀

  • Kathy Marris

    I got fitted for a bra last year and discovered I had to go up a size. I’d been wearing a size too small for ages. So I can attest to the importance of getting a bra fitting. I find most bras uncomfortable and rip them off as soon as I’m able in the privacy of my home. I wish they could invent a more comfortable underwire bra. Great tips here Jenni. #TeamLovinLife

    • If your bra is uncomfortable Kathy, I would suggest it’s time to find a new one, that you can wear everyday without any discomfort. Discuss the issues you are having, with your bra fitter and they will be able to find you something more suitable.

  • Fascinating reading Jenni! I never realised how important the fitting of the band is, although I’m always very careful to get cups that fit well. I have a large skin tag just under one boob that’s come up recently and sometimes my bra pinches it, ouch. Must get it removed ASAP!!! And ooops … “Never flip your bra to the upright position once it is fastened, as this bends the underwires out of shape and increases the chance of them snapping.”

    • It was only several years ago after going to a specialist large bust bra store, that I learnt these things and now I share the info all the time.

  • My Mum took me to get my first bra professionally fitted (I was mortified at the time), but it set me up for a good habit of always having them fitted. I try to do this regularly as my size can vary depending on my weight. #TeamLovinLife