mothers day

Mother’s Day is a tradition that I grew up with, but knew nothing of its origin. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who does not know the history behind this celebration. So, I decided to call on trusty old google to offer up some answers.

Celebrating Mother’s Day was the idea of Anna Jarvis. Who thought that there should be a special day to acknowledge mothers. Because “they were the person who had done more for you, than anyone else in the world.” In 1908 the first celebration was held at the St Andrews Baptist church in Grafton, West Virginia, where Anna Jarvis’s own mother was honoured for her work as a peace activist, and caring for soldiers on both sides of the American civil war. Sadly, it was not long before this family day of celebration was hijacked by commercial business such as Hallmark. Who, exploited the original concept and Turned it into a highly profitable well marketed card and gift purchasing celebration. Rather than the family orientated day for acknowledgement of mothers by their children that was intended.

Growing up, Mother’s Day celebrations were when, my older sister and I would make cards, pick flowers, prepare breakfast, help our dad organise dinner and try to be on our best behaviour for the day. This was a day for us kids to do something for our mum, rather than our dad purchasing something on our behalf. For me, this day is about the special things that are done for me by my son to celebrate the special bond that we share. Over the years I’ve collected a box full of handmade Mother’s Day cards that I treasure for their uniqueness. There are also the handmade treasures that have been lovingly made at school and proudly presented along with breakfast on that special Sunday morning. More recently, the Teen Techie will take me out for brunch, cook a special evening meal and present me with a much loved personally created card. The time and effort put into organising something special, will always mean more than a store bought card.

As much as I love the chance to celebrate this special day with my son, I’m aware that this day is not a happy occasion for so many. There are many bereaved mothers and children who do not have their special person to share the day with.  Like me, there are many out there who do or did not have a caring and cherishing mum, and are reminded of this with the media build up to Mother’s Day. There are many wonderful women, who wanted so much to be a mother, but never had the opportunity and feel left out on this day.

Rather, than this day being purely a day of celebration for mothers. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all the women in our lives that love, support and nurture us.

Jenni XXX