Since, completing the seasonal wardrobe clear out last week. I’ve had lots of fun browsing the internet, looking at the new season stock available, and seeing, how they are pieced together. Having already spent the time to identify my own personal style, it has made it much easier to sift through the mass of new stock that is continually put in front of us. If there is a colour that is prominent for this season that you like but not in your core colours, accessories are a fantastic way of updating your look.


Black Jacket

white and black layering

Pom Pom Hat

moochi black dress & white top

These images are saved to my laptop or phone and then used as a guide to shop my wardrobe. Which can be done by, scrolling through Smart Closet by matching the items and storing the outfits in the look book. Or matching the items in your wardrobe laying out the outfits and taking a pic to store in your ph. I’m always amazed by how many of these outfit combinations I can pull together with items that are already in my wardrobe. This is a terrific way of identifying the gaps in your wardrobe that then become your shopping list for the upcoming season. I also include items such as underwear, socks, sleep/lounge wear and bags to the list. This list is then stored in my phone, ready to consult when out shopping.

My shopping list: White shirt, grey pants, black dress, black cross body bag, neutral & black tee shirt bra’s & socklets.

Grey Pants

Black Bag

moochi black dress

moochi white shirt

White Shirt

white shirt


I know that some of you will freak out when you see how small my shopping list is, and think that you can’t cope with only buying a few items each season. Well, unless you have completely changed your style or size, there are bound to be many items in your wardrobe that can be worn for the upcoming season. Often, you will only need to update your basics to bring a new lease of life to you and your wardrobe. The clothes that I’ve had for many seasons and really love are quality items, that I’ve saved for, purchased in sales or second hand. These are not the fast fashion items that are from chain stores that often don’t even last the whole season through, without looking tired or needing repaired. Since, learning to be comfortable in my own style and not chase every fashion trend. I’ve decided that I would rather invest my money in quality items that I love and will last the distance.

Yes, I know it’s hard not to resist those enticing displays and the nab a bargain sales tactics that we are continually bombarded with by many retailers. It’s human nature that we are drawn to new things, and the purchase of these things often brings us a sense of control. We are also blinded by the fact that the item is heavily reduced and don’t stop to think, if we really need the item or not. Spending those hard earned dollars on stuff that we don’t need, and often don’t even really like, is not a bargain at all and is just a waste of money. The buzz that we get from shopping is real. When we experience something that gives us pleasure, such as food or shopping. Our brain releases the hormone ‘dopamine’ as a reward. It is this feeling that is addictive and urges us to continue to experience this feeling. So, we continue to shop, regardless of the need for the latest items. Yes, you need to change your mindset but you can still get that buzz from visiting the shops without purchasing a thing. Make the trip about discovering new looks, or stores that you have not tried before. If you find an item or look that takes your fancy, snap a pic and store it on your phone so that you can try and replicate the outfit at home with what you already own. Once this is done, you will know if this item is a must have for your wardrobe and can be added to your shopping list. Then depending on your budget, can be purchased straight away, wait for the sales or source second hand. There is a lot to be said for the thrill of the chase, rather than the immediate rushed purchase.

As part of this buying less of a better quality, journey. I’ve started to think a lot more about where the clothes that I purchase come from and will share this with you next week.

Are you the type of shopper that plans their purchases or buys on a whim without doing their homework first?

Jenni XXX