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Time and time again women say to me that “even though they don’t wear something now, they want to hold onto it in case it comes back into fashion”

My response to that is always “If you don’t like it now, it’s unlikely that you will, the next time it’s in fashion”

You can stop yourself from falling into this trap each season by getting to know your personal style. When you know what you truly love, you are less likely to blow your entire clothing budget on something that’s in fashion and the latest ‘must-have’. When your wardrobe is full of items that you love, you will always have something to wear.


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  • Completing a wardrobe unclutter and removing the clothes that you don’t love. The items that are left are those ones that you are connected to. It’s these items that become the building blocks of your personal style.
  • Ask yourself what it is about each of those items that you love? These are your key style factors.
  • Look back through your photo collection and when you come across an outfit that you love yourself in. Ask yourself, what is it about the outfit that you love? Add this to your key style factors.
  • Set up a style board on Pinterest and enjoy some time scrolling through lots of pics, pinning anything you like the look of to your style board.
  • Once you have completed these steps, you’ll start to see a common thread appear. This is the foundation of your personal style.
  • Having a personal style does not mean that what you wear becomes a uniform. Your personal style will evolve over time, as you pass through different stages of your life. Discovering different clothing labels that inspire you to add different twists to your wardrobe foundation, is a great way to stop your wardrobe from becoming stale.




My style is all about the block colours of white, dark grey and black. Busy prints and florals  are not my friend. However, I do love stripes or spots in those colours. The way I like to dress has often been described as ‘classic with a twist’. I love clean lines, slim line pants, longer tops and cardigans rather than structured jackets.

What are the foundation of your personal style?


Jenni XXX