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February 5th 2018 |

A well-organised wardrobe enables you to see at a glance, everything that’s in there. This makes for fast and stress-free dressing and who wouldn’t want that in their lives?

If you haven’t already removed the clutter from your wardrobe, I highly recommend you do this first. Otherwise, you’ll  waste  valuable time trying to find homes for things that you don’t wear. Read my step by step  remove the clutter from your wardrobe guide here.

Did you realise that jamming your clothes tightly into your wardrobe, is damaging them? When your clothes are tightly squeezed into a confined space, friction occurs between the fabrics. This causes pilling, snagging and increased general wear and tear. Is this how your treasured items deserve to be treated?


To stop this happening in your wardrobe

  1. Spend some time thinking about the clothes you spend most of your time in. To save you time and elevate stress in the morning, it is these items that need to be most accessible.
  2. Depending on the size and layout of your wardrobe, you may be able to allocate separate areas of your wardrobe to accommodate the clothes you wear in each segment of your day to day living. E.g. work, weekend/casual or formal wear.
  3. Within these segments, organise your clothes by type and then into colour batches.
  4. Only keep current season items in the main body of your wardrobe. Out of season & any other clothes not currently being worn, are best stored in sealed containers away from your current day to day clothes.
  5. Wool or cotton jumpers and cardigans are best stored on a shelf in your wardrobe to avoid stretching them.
  6. Apart from your active, sleep and underwear, I recommend that all of your other day-to-day items are hung in your wardrobe. Making it easier to see at a glance what you have and hassle-free when putting items away.
  7. Invest in quality hangers for your clothes. Not only will they look good, they will extend the life of your clothes.
  8. The space in your wardrobe is prime real estate, so don’t let this valuable space become clogged up with empty hangers. It makes much more sense to store them somewhere else. I have mine stored in a magazine rack, next to my wardrobe.
    magazine rack - organise clothes hanagers
  9. The best storage solutions for bags, shoes, scarves and other clothing accessories will depend on how many of these items you have and the space you have to store them. Check out these boards on the Unclutter Your Universe Pinterest account for some inspiration.
  10. Now it’s time to go and sort your own wardrobe.


If you’d like to book some time for me to come and guide you through the process, you can do this here.


Jenni XXX

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