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February 26th 2018 |

When working with clients to  remove the clutter from their wardrobe, I always get asked “what is the best way to store my accessories?” and the response is always “somewhere visible and easy to access”.

Apart from saying it’s  not a good idea to store your scarves folded one on top of the other, because they will end up in a jumbled mess. The rest will vary depending on the size of your storage space, how many and what type of accessories you need to store.

If you’re like me and are into storage, you will enjoy a browse through the vast array of pics on Pinterest, some of which I’ve saved here.

I’ve compiled a small selection of examples below, which can easily be adapted to suit most wardrobes at a reasonable cost.


Hanging Scarf Ring

towel ring scarf hanger

These hoops are a great way to store your scarves and belts, without taking up too much room. The ring on your left is from a specialised storage solutions store and the towel holder is from Bunnings.


Wooden Door Knobs

door hanger

I love these round wooden knobs which you can purchase decorated from homewares stores, or if you’re creative and love to put your own stamp on things, plain ones can be purchased from DIY stores.


Wire frame hat rack

square hat rack

These wire frames are great for storing all sorts of things and can be purchased cheaply from Kmart.


Hanging Scarf Rack

hanging scarf rack

This style of hanger was originally designed to store multiple pairs of trousers, which I think is great if you are travelling and they are going inside a hanging storage bag.  In your wardrobe, it’s more practical to store your trousers individually on clip hangers and leave these hangers for storing scarves, belts and ties.


Fixed wall scarf rack

scarf racks

These towel rails can be purchased from your local hardware store, in either screw or stick on options and are great for the inside of your wardrobe door, behind a door or a blank wall in your dressing room.


Belt hangers

belt hangers

These belt hangers can be purchased from speciality storage shops or your local hardware store and can be hung from the clothes rail or hook. If you have a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room with lots of wall space, these stick-on hooks are a great way to display your belts individually.

belt hooks



If you’d like to book a  wardrobe clutter session or have your storage questions answered, you can contact me here.

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