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I don’t know what the winter temperatures are like where you live? In Auckland where I am, it doesn’t usually start to get really cold until July. Right on time, as the school holidays commenced, we experienced an icy blast from the South Pole. Which was great if you were a skier, but not so appealing for my regular morning coastal walks. Very quickly the last of the lighter clothing items were packed into storage and the heavier weight winter items that had been sorted through at the start of the Autumn/Winter 2017 season were placed in the wardrobe. If you are new to Unclutter Your Universe and have not read the article about my wardrobe purge, or not yet completed this task. I would suggest you get onto it ASAP and start to feel that daily sparkle that you experience when you have an uncluttered wardrobe.

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To accommodate the several types of storage that are needed for winter woollens, scarves, hats and heavy coats, I’ve found that this is an ideal time to overhaul the entire wardrobe organisation. In our wardrobe, there is a long hanging rail, a large shelf above this, with lots of room up to the ceiling, and high units of cube storage. I’m not a fan of lots of drawer storage, I much prefer to hang as much as possible so that it everything is visible at a glance and has easy access to get and put away items. My jumpers, cardigans and heavy coats are folded and placed on a shelf. Both woollen and cotton scarves are folded and stacked in small piles on the large shelf above the hanging rail, along with the hats and gloves. With a quick glance, I can see and grab what I’m looking for. All underwear, socks, sleep and exercise wear are folded and placed on the storage cube shelves. At this time of year my swimwear and sarongs are kept inside a cotton storage bag on one of the harder to reach shelves, out of the way, but still easily accessible if needed over the winter months. All footwear is placed on the floor below items that are stored on the hanging rail. Large overnight and activity bags are stacked on top of each other and kept on a shelf, with a storage basket of smaller bags and cotton packing bags beside them. I have two jewellery boxes that are also stored on a cube shelf. The one with drawers is great for necklaces and bulky items. The other, is a flat box with compartments that is great for organising earrings and rings. This space is not the walk in dressing room that I dream off, but I think I’ve made the most of what storage I do have and get pleasure from seeing the items that I love laid out for me to access.  As it is very unlikely that anyone of you will wear exactly the same items of clothing and have the same storage facilities as me that would work perfectly for you. So, I’ve spent a happy few hours on Pinterest saving loads of examples to both wardrobe and scarf storage boards, that I hope you will find useful when organising your wardrobe.

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It’s now been three weeks since the cooler weather arrived, and already I’ve discovered that there are some items in my wardrobe that are no longer giving me the love. Most of these items are ones that were packed away in out of season storage when I completed my style audit earlier in the year and were not weeded out when I went through the winter items at the start of this season. A couple of items will only need small alterations to bring them back to life. The others will be donated to charity, so that they can find new homes and owners that will cherish them. I’ve found that when you are a little further into the cooler months, it is the perfect time to have a look through the Smart Closet (Android and IOS) app and find out which items of clothing are not being worn often. Is it a case of you have nothing to wear with that item, not sure how to style it or just don’t like it anymore? If it’s something that’s lost the love, it’s time to move it on to a new home. If you are looking for style inspiration, it’s time to indulge in some research in magazines, on your favourite store websites or on Pinterest, where I also have my own autumn/winter 2017 inspiration board. Once armed with some new inspiration, then it’s back to the wardrobe to style up those not so used items with the things you already have in your wardrobe. I’ve found that this is when I discover what basics are missing that would work with these and others in my wardrobe. These items are then added to the shopping list.



At the start of the Autumn/Winter 2017 season, I wrote an article discussing how I had compiled my shopping list for the upcoming season, while staying true to my ethical fashion ethos. I still have not purchased all the items that I had listed, however have purchased a few gems in the local charity store that have become mainstays in this season’s wardrobe. At the start of the season I was too busy and then was struck down by the flu for almost a month, I’ve not been to be fitted for some new bra’s or found the perfect white shirt for me. Being unwell I also missed most of the sales. So, will visit the outlet store mall to see if there are any end of season bargains that match my shopping/wish list.

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Is your wardrobe in good shape, to get you through the rest of winter?

Jenni XXX

  • Lauren Threadgate

    Now that you mention it, my wardrobe is probably in need of an overhaul! #openslather #mummymondays

    • Once you start Lauren, i’m sure you will enjoy the process and love having an uncluttered wardrobe of clothes that you love to wear.

  • I think mine’s okay – my problem is t-shirts. I love them and I accumulate them like crazy!

    • Tory, are your Tee’s kept in a drawer or do they hang in the wardrobe? I’ve found that hanging makes it easier to see at a quick glance what I have and am then less tempted to purchase more.

  • I’m getting a bit bored with my winter wardrobe so I have started to plan my travel capsule for an imminent trip to Europe – that’s much more fun 😉

  • sydneyshopgirl

    I think I need to do my declutter in the systematic method you’ve described. I especially like the idea of having a list of things you need to buy for the season. I’d get motivated if it involved a shopping list, I reckon.

    SSG xxx

    • Getting started is the hardest bit, book some time in your diary to do the unclutter, and no shopping until it’s done.

  • Cold here means I have to wear a light jacket 3 months of the year, so there just isn’t the need for a wardrobe edit by season 🙂

    • Don’t you get sick of wearing the same items throughout the year, without a seasonal change?

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    I am pretty right to see out the rest of winter. I too have picked up some things from op shops along with things I already had. I’d be doing better if I would lose a few kilos so some of the pants I have would fit properly! I am one of those ruthless people who does a wardrobe cull every six months or so because those clothes no longer give me love 🙂

    • Alicia, if you have items in your current wardrobe that don’t fit, its time to pack them away, for a while until they do fit, or you are ready to let them go. Constantly being reminded about your body changes is not good for your self confidence.

  • I did the big clean out when I lost a lot of weight and no longer needed a professional wardrobe since retiring. I really do not miss clothes shopping at all.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 29/52. Next week: Birth Order.

    • I bet it felt wonderful to off load all of the items you no longer wear? Clothes shopping, when you are on the hunt for a specific item is much more enjoyable than aimlessly wandering the mall.

  • I’m yet to do a declutter of my wardrobe but it needs it. I have given away some stuff – having lost weight, but not bought much as I’d like to work out what a final weight will be before I start budgeting for new stuff. #teamlovinlife

    • Celebrate the size you are now Deborah. Move on the stuff that is too big and only keep those things that you love and make you feel great right now. Then, while your weight is still adjusting fill the gaps in your wardrobe with items that are size flexible. Stretch fabrics, tube skirts & dresses and wrap dresses are great for this. Purchasing some quality 2nd hand items would also be a great idea.

  • writeofthemiddle

    I have actually started decluttering my wardrobe – been doing drawers but yet to go through the hanging clothes in the WIR and other odds and bobs in there (handbags, totes, shoes, clothes thrown up on the top shelf because there is nowhere else to fit them!!). I have serious storage problems for my clothes. Great to read how you store yours! #TeamLovinLife

    • Min, I would recommend taking everything out and doing it all in one go. This will give you the opportunity to reorganise the storage, finding homes for the things that you really love.

  • My wardrobe needs another declutter!


    • Ingrid, if this is not something that you do seasonally, it’s time to get going on it. One big unclutter of all your clothing now and then you only restock with things you love. Then it’s only a quick sort out every 3 months or so to weed out the odd item.

  • Kathy Marris

    No my wardrobe is in appalling shape. I used to store clothes in the offseason, but haven’t done this in a while. I like the idea of putting them in plastic containers and putting them up on the shelf above my hanging space. I also like the idea of that scarf rack. You have inspired me to declutter my walk in robe ASAP. Thanks for the tips. #TeamLovinLife

    • Time to get sorting Kathy? By separating the two seasons out at this time of year and clearing out the clutter, you will know exactly what you need to fill the gaps for the upcoming season. You will also now what the gaps are in your winter wardrobe and may be able to fill those with some end of season sale finds.

  • Oooo thanks for the tip about Smart Closet, off to download the app right now!

  • My winter wardrobe storage is in decent shape I think. My husband’s side … not so much. #teamlovinlife

    • One down one to go Leanne. Tread carefully, when supporting your husband to unclutter his wardrobe.

  • I just followed your scarf inboard on pinterest…will have a scout through that. In our old house in Sydney I had half of the world’s smallest wardrobe. Here we have a huge walk-in & I’m revelling in being able to hang everything. As I mentioned the other week, though, scarves are a battle. #TeamLovinLife

    • I love our walk in robe to Jo, giving this up is my only concern about downsizing to an apartment next year. I’m sure you will find some the perfect storage solution for your scarves on pinterest and win that battle also.