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Back in 2016, after a mammoth wardrobe unclutter and reorganisation, which you can find out how to do here and here. I went in search of an app that could keep track of what was in my wardrobe and enable me to shop my wardrobe. I wanted something that enabled me to pull together outfits using items from my wardrobe, that had been inspired by outfits I’d seen on Pinterest and Instagram. I was so excited the day that Smart Closet came into my life. I instantly fell in love with this free magical app for smartphones that could do what I wanted and heaps more.

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Smart Closet Features:

  • Store a photo of each item of clothing and accessories & catalogue these by type, colour, season, price & current availability.
  • Has a lookbook of the different outfits you have built from items in your wardrobe or the inspiration boards from the Smart Closet website.
  • Enable you to plan your outfits and store photos of them onto a calendar, which will then keep track how often each outfit has been worn.
  • At the push of a button, you will know what items in your wardrobe you are wearing and how often.
  • If you enter the price of the item into the database when you load an item into the catalogue, it will update the price per wear, each time you wear an item.
  • Compile a wish list from the many brands that are accessible through the Smart Closet website.
  • Enable you to plan your travel outfits and compile the packing list.
  • When out shopping, the contents of your wardrobe are with you on your phone. Which enables you to check, at a glance, if an item will go with others in your wardrobe and ensure that you don’t purchase more of an item that you already have.



This is how smart closet catalogues the items in your wardrobe. The closet view organises all of your clothes into a grid style layout which can be filtered to show specific item types.

Smart Closet - Closet View


You can create looks with the items in your wardrobe using the lookbook tab. These looks can also be filtered by and added to the calendar.

Smart Closet - Lookbook View


You can add looks to the calendar to help you plan what you want to wear each day. The items that you wear will be recorded in the statistics of the app, allowing you to see how often you wear each item of clothing.

Smart Closet - Calendar View



This is an example of using the lookbook to make a look from what is in my wardrobe.

using smart closet to build looks


Are you ready to let Smart Closet make a difference in your universe?

Jenni XXX