Since, day light saving ended a few weeks ago. The temperatures have cooled at the beginning and end of the day. Signalling, it’s time to start the seasonal wardrobe change over. I did contemplate doing it over the Easter break, but never got around to it. So, Tuesday was the day, I was committed to getting it done, regardless.

Everything, came out of the current seasons wardrobe and the two storage boxes of Winter items were brought down off the high shelf. Our bedroom looked like a jumble sale. There were piles of clothes on the bed, shoes covering the floor and the storages boxes on the big chair. The current seasons items were sorted into my core colour choices and placed into piles on the bed. Then, the storage boxes were opened.  The contents sorted, in the same way and added to the piles. Then, one by one each item was given the once over and checked for the necessary sparkle factor.  After, spending some time revisiting my Instagram feed. It was easy to identify the items from the current season that I still loved, and those that would be moved on. The keepers, were placed back in the wardrobe in their colour blocks.


The items not being kept, were deleted from my Smart Closet.  Then, those that were current trends were listed on a buy/sell face book page. Other quality items were donated to a charity store and a few went straight in the bin. The Autumn/ Winter items took a little longer to sort through. Being in out of season storage, when I did my style update in March. They had not been put under the same scrutiny as the current season items had. So, there were a few that would be sold, donated to charity or put in the bin. As it was still quite warm, most of the new season items were being put back in storage until the weather cooled down further. The first plastic box had the heavy winter items and the lighter stuff was placed in the next box, and placed on top of the other one on the high shelf in my wardrobe. As this was being done, each item was recorded in Smart Closet, so that at a quick glance I knew exactly what I had for the new season. As the weather cools, I can access each storage box with confidence, knowing that I will be happy with what is inside.


Are you ready for the new season ahead?

Jenni XXX




PS Next week I will be chatting about putting together my shopping list for new season items. If you would like anything in particular answered, drop me a line, I’m here to help.