Summer Wardrobe

If you think it’s still too cold where you live to start planning your SS17 wardrobe you are very wrong. Planning your wardrobe does not mean that you need to pack away your winter weight clothing and start wearing your lighter layers. What it does mean though, is that you need to get your new season items out and go through them all. I’m sure you will have forgotten about a lot of the stuff that has been packed away over the last few months. Some items you will be happy to see again and know that they will be taking up prime real estate in your wardrobe. No doubt there will also be some items that you have fallen out of love with, and it is these items that need to be moved on straight away. Even if you had a clear out at the end of SS16. It’s likely that your tastes or situation have changed since then and there will be items that are no longer suitable. With only your favourites in view, it will be much easier to plan for the new season ahead.

Why Are Basics So Important?

Basics Shirt

Basics are the foundation of your wardrobe and without these you will struggle to pull outfits together. The basics are those items that you pair with your statement pieces to put together that wow outfit. They are also the items that you reach for time and time again, knowing that they will happily work with each other. The addition of an accessory or two will lift your outfit of basics to the next level. Do you have a selection of quality basics to build your wardrobe from?

Gingham Scarf

Are Trends Your Friend or Foe?

Being a slave to fashion and purchasing items just because they are on trend rather than because you love them is the fastest way to accumulate a wardrobe full of clothes but feel as though you have nothing to wear. I’m not saying don’t be excited about the latest trends that come and go. What I am saying is be selective about the trends that you decide to include in your wardrobe. If you are not sure if that new colour or detail is really you, purchase it in an accessory or lesser value item first, and then if you truly love it and it works well with the rest of your wardrobe, it’s time to splash out and invest in some quality items in that style or colour. A couple of seasons ago, I was not sure about ankle boots, so waited a while to see if they would stick around and when they did I decided to try them out with a cheaper brand first. Now they are my go to boot and I can’t imagine investing in full length boots again. Ripped jeans and full droppies are two trends that I never got into and can happily say that they never entered my wardrobe. Yes, I did try the droppies on to see what all the fuss was about, but it only took a quick glance in the mirror to confirm my first thoughts. This season the black and white gingham pattern is making a big come back and can be found in some shape or form in most clothing and homewares retailers. I am a lover of black and white, so this is one trend that I will be embracing. This is the perfect time to purchase these items and make the most of the wide selection available. Are you going to embrace any of this seasons trends?

Gingham Shoes

What Will Be on Your Shopping List?

I’m sure that planning your wardrobe and writing a shopping list before you hit the shops is going to be a new concept for some of you, but fingers crossed is one that you will embrace and reap the benefits from. Knowing what you need will save your time and money and ensure that you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you love and works for you. If you are yet to identify your personal style or wish to tweak it a bit, I suggest you first look a little deeper at the clothes which are left in your wardrobe after the unclutter. These are the clothes which have made some connection with you and it is this connection, which you want to build on. What is it about these items that you like, is it the colour, texture or style that you like? Once you have identified what these connections are, it’s time to do some research and find brands that offer what you are looking for. I’ve found that Pinterest is a great tool for doing this. There are a vast amount of boards covering every possible style to inspire you. Pinning items that make a connection with you to your own board, is a straightforward way to compile your very own look book. Then it’s time to try pulling some of these outfits from your look book together from your own wardrobe, using an app such as Smart Closet. Or lay out the outfits and take a photo from your phone, which can then be stored in your own gallery. As well as providing you with your very own look book, it will enable you to identify where the gaps are in your wardrobe. When writing your shopping list, it is these gaps that you need to fill. Before writing specific items on this list, you will need to check that each of these items, will also work well with the other things that are in your wardrobe. The depth of your current wardrobe will determine how many items are on this list. Unless you have unlimited funds, I don’t suggest you rush out and purchase everything in one go. The basics that you require need to take priority and only when these have been purchased do you spend on the other items. My wardrobe is in a phase of rebuilding, so my priority is to replenish basics. What are the priorities on your shopping list?

Sadly, the warmer weather that we experienced a few weeks ago has decided to leave us for a while. With no need for these items right now, they have been placed back into storage. In the mean time I can beaver away on my shopping list, enabling me to be more prepared for the warmer weather when it arrives.

Jenni XXX

  • I don’t always embrace new season trends either but I will be embracing the black & white gingham one! I have my eye on a stunning black & white gingham dress that I plan to buy this week.


    • Yes, it’s great to pick and choose Ingrid and then when you find that perfect item purchase without hesitation.

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    I always go over my wardrobe every few months, there are things that I lose the love for. Usually it’s after I have gotten some new stuff or op shop finds and I need to make room in the wardrobe 🙂

  • I’ve got a range of singlets from Target that I love. I actually already have two in each colour and wear them daily. I’m thinking of buying one more in each colour as I will live in them in summer too – and I make messes and rip things haha. Plus $6 each, so it’s a comfort bargain.

  • I need to update my wardrobe as all my clothes are a bit past it! Think it is time to spring clean and get rid of lots of clothes.

    • It sure is time to get your wardrobe sorted, taking the time to do it now will enable you to have stress free dressing each morning.

  • sydneyshopgirl

    I’m going through my wardrobe now and culling. Also trying hard to not just follow trends with my new purchases from now on. It’s working. I have fewer clothes but all that I have, I wear!

    SSG xxx

  • Sue Loncaric (Sizzling Towards

    I’m about to travel to Europe so I’ve been digging in my wardrobe to see what I have to take. It certainly needs a declutter and I am going to try the app you suggested, Smart Closet. Thanks for the tips and lovely to meet you Jenni

    • Planning your wardrobe for a trip to Europe is the perfect motivation to get your wardrobe sorted. The Smart Closet App has a travel packing tool and you can also load our planned outfits into it, to make dressing easy while you are away.

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    It’s started to warm up here so it’s more than time to look at my summer wardrobe – love these tips!

    • It’s worth the effort Kirsty. I’ve found that if dressing is easy each day and I start the day wearing something that I love, it helps me get through anything that comes my way.

  • Most helpful post! Since retiring to a coastal area of NSW I have ditched my ‘teaching at Uni’ clothes and more. I have lost a lot of weight so I needed to update. We do not go out at all so I have a range of casual pants and tops for all year round. In the heat of summer though it is shorts and sleeveless tops. I have a large wardrobe for storage but since moving from Sydney have kept quantities of clothes low. in our last 60s we need less and less as time goes on. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 36/52. Next week’s prompt: Beach or Bush.

    • Denyse, I don’t think it’s just as we get older that we don’t need so many clothes. It seems that as clothes have become cheaper and easier to obtain, we buy more and also hold onto items that we don’t wear.

  • Really timely for me Jenni as I’m about to go back into full time work. I’ve only worked part-time for the last few years and (mostly) been able to dress pretty casually. I suspect that will be the same for the full time gig (same employer) but I’m going to need to find clothes 5 days/wk (am pretty sure pyjamas in the workplace would be discouraged!). And some basics and mix and match options will be important! #teamlovinlife

    • It’s such a bugger about Pj’s in the work place, I’m sure it would boost moral and be great for productivity if it was acceptable? Yes mix and match basics are the way to go & I’m sure once you start planning your outfits there will be some items lurking in your wardrobe that can be dressed up for work wear.

  • Just in time for me as I look at my winter wardrobe and summer wardrobe in another cupboard and think “Waah!” what to do! I need to amalgamate and look for (or buy) some basics to pull my rather too many show pony pieces together. Thanks for the tips.

    • Establishing a wardrobe of trusty basics is well worth the investment, and will expand the depth of your wardrobe, You will be amazed at the difference it makes. These items are the main stay of your wardrobe so it’s worth investing as much as you can in them.

  • writeofthemiddle

    It sure is time to have a look at next seasons clothes for the wardrobe! This is a lot of help – thank you! I’ve lost a bit of weight so I need to do a thorough review! Might need some new things too! I don’t do trends anymore. I prefer classic clothes that will always be fashionable. Maybe I’m getting old but I just can’t like those drop crutch pants that are all the rage right now! lol #TeamLovinLife

    • Yay another one that does not like droppys. I really cant see what there is to like about them, walking around looking as though you need your nappy changed, is not a look I want to embrace. Where clothes that you love, will ensure that you always look great, regardless of whether they are the latest thing or not.

  • Is now the right time to say I haven’t really been in winter clothes this year? Yep, throw something at me if you like. I think my personal style is aging boho hippy – if there is such a thing – with a couple of classic A-line skirts I had made in Vietnam for when I need to go to Sydney for work. Another great & timely post. #TeamLovinLife

    • Yes, I know your winters are as mild as lots of other places summers, but that does not mean it doesn’t feel like winter to you. When I moved from a colder to warmer climate, it took me a while to adjust but now I feel the winter like everyone else. Why the aging Boho hippy? Age has nothing to do with it.

      • Oh, that’s just my little joke – the age thing…I think hubby labelled it that one time when we were in Bali & my hair was full of dreadlocks. I reckon we’ll feel the winter next year. We reckon next year we’ll be real Queenslanders & wear jackets & things when the tourists are in t-shirts.

  • We’re traveling at the moment but I am very much looking forward to a review and purge when we get home. It’s one of my favourite things to do; finding old friends, moving along that which no longer suits and creating a gap list.

    • Jan, I hope you are enjoying your travels, it was great to read your post on Paris. I imagine , by the time you get home you will be ready to swap out your travel wardrobe and enjoy the other items in your wardrobe?

  • KookyChic

    I love your blog and am going to get Miss 16 to have a read and go through her wardrobe. We cannot see the floor 🙂

    • KookyChic

      And after reading your blog we have bags of stuff going off to goodwill. Thank you

      • I’m so glad you found the article useful, fingers crossed Miss 16 continues to keep the situation under control.

  • Is that actually your wardrobe? How do I kick my husband out of my wardrobe so I can have a cupboard like that? #teamlovinlife